Bias-Free Language

To maintain one's credibility they simply need to remain unbiased. President Trump continues to slam the press with prejudice, jingoistic and misogynistic language, while at the same time calling the press "Fake News". The truth is the insightfulness of Trump is deplorable. Ultimately he has created a war for the American language.

Here is some news: I will not play Hillary Clinton and Michele Obama games. In politics there is no truth in taking the "higher" ground. I will state it like it is. President Trump is the President of the USA because he is biased. Now for those who do not know what Bias-Free Language is I will do my best to explain. Bias is the use of language that is sexist, racist... prejudice even subconsciously. Now that you know what Bias means here is why it's bad.

This subtle but very effective facet of political rhetoric is the single most polarizing problem with our government. The subtle innuendos deprecate the identity of people. Yes diversity is a point I'm getting at. After all President Trump is representing us all, while beguiling more than half the population. Some may not see that as a problem, because it has been going on since the signing of the constitution. I will again state it like it is. Whiteness is not a ghost it is a fact.

Trump's bias is diminishing his credibility, but his win gives hope to bias everywhere irregardless of what side of the fence you're on. This promotes hate speech, slander and tarnishes women everywhere. The illogical argument behind his frustrated and old moral high ground is only about power. His bullish demeanor stems from his life of privilege. His corruption of language is stigmatizing people into lives of subservience. I will not accept his point of view because every part of speech is "tremendous"[ly] despicable.

There is no way to stop bias language, because language is a slave to misunderstanding. Set the world free by accepting the agreement to respect human dignity. Trump is an utter failure at that.