"Golfer in Chief"

While many criticize the game of golf I think more of us should focus on the real problem, Donald Trump. It might be a surprise that golf was an "aspirational" part of his success. Unfortunately he gives golfers everywhere a bad name. Upon his inauguration Trump was immediately rated the #1 President in golf (1). Golf Digest literally dubbed him "Golfer in Chief" (2). That will explain why it will cost Americans so much to pay for his leisure (3). We all know he gets a lot of practice, he does own 17 golf courses afterall. In the first 170 days in office, Trump spent 37 days on the golf course (4). You probably have another word for him (hypocritical, nepotistic, narcissist), but he is also a golfer. Please don't let that negatively affect your true feelings about a game.
Side bits: Trump can't drive very far, none the less he shoots pretty well, he considers putting to be the best part of his game (just keep long putters away from him, he hates those)(5).
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